How to access WMI to obtain information about remote computers

WMI (Windows Management Instrument) is a built-in Microsoft system to control computers and remote servers. You can use the command line to access WMI and obtain information about computers and remote servers.

Step 2

Type “wmic” (without the quotes) and press “Enter.” The WMI execution time will open.

Step 3

Specify the server you want by typing: / NODE: “server name or IP”. Press “Enter.” Replace “server name or IP” with the server name of the computer you want to connect to or your IP address. Make sure to keep the quotes around the name or IP. The command will tell the WMI program to connect to the indicated PC.

Step 4

Execute the WMI commands to obtain information from that computer. To see the programs that run on it, type “processes” (without the quotes). To see the services that are running write “service” (without the quotes).